萬豪酒店會員計劃萬豪禮賞(Marriott Rewards) 會員活動現在有一個免費可以獲得 500 分的方法,就是關注 Marriott Rewards 的 Instagram 帳戶。

步驟一:關注 Marriott Rewards Instagram

步驟二:到以下網址中輸入萬豪禮賞戶口的 Email 登記
marriottrewards Instagram Shop

最後 登記日期: 6月21日。
500 分會在活動結東後 4 星期內送到您 Marriott Rewards 戶口。

坦白說,我相信萬豪酒店應該無方法可以知道您有沒有真的關注了他們的 Instagram ,要不要真的關注就由您自己決定。不過登記就有 500 分,各位會員沒有埋由不做吧!


  • This promotion is open to Marriott Rewards® members who click and follow Marriott Rewards on Instagram.
  • In the email above, click the “follow” button to redirect to the Marriott Rewards Instagram account.
  • In order for us to post the 500 points to your Marriott Rewards account, you must enter and submit the email address associated with your Marriott Rewards membership account. This is the email address used for the delivery of this email.
  • Entry must be made by June 21, 2016.
  • You will receive 500 Marriott Rewards bonus points within 4 weeks.
  • You can only earn the bonus one time for each email address entered.
  • Miles cannot be earned instead of points for this promotion.


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